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2023 Updates – Hatch and Hustle Podcast, Game Development, Market Research and Tech Arms

Oh dear, I realised I haven’t updated this blog since 2023, failing my KPI of one blog post a year.

It has been a good year in 2023 so far – I am thankful to have great senior management talent join us and that has elevated our company and given me more time to focus on the innovation aspect.

Besides opening our new office and rearing chickens, here are some things that I have been working on, that are going to launch by this year.

1. Hatch and Hustle Podcast

A podcast that aims to provide unfiltered conversations and insights about entrepreneurship in Singapore. My co-founders for this are @deniseteojiaqi (supercatkei), @vaneszs.h and @hustlebennn.

Season 1 has wrapped up filming and is in post-production. Guests featured include George Goh and the bosses of companies like StashAway, Glints, Kydra, Ya Kun, LunchActually, Guzman y Gomez and Adam Khoo.

2. Game development journey

My game has its own competitive ladder too haha

As my side hustle, I’ve been learning to code in C# in Unity and I’ll be launching a trading card-collectable game this year. Only possible due to my interest in AI and the advancements of generative AI. Am very excited for this, and I’m always looking for new revenue streams. The game is now in pre-alpha stage and should be released in late Q3.

Fun fact: TSL was once a side hustle while I ran my gaming site/e-commerice business

3. Market research arm

We monitor every site in Singapore and feed this data back into our content creation process.

A lot of what we’re doing this year has been to move towards a more strategic/consultative approach with our clients, based on the massive amount of data we have. We’re at a unique advantage as we own our platforms and get zero-party and first-party data.

After studying the PDPA guidelines and sending our teams for the training, we’ll be launching our new arm in August.

4. Media-tech transition

We’ve also started our journey to become a media-tech collective, having acquired a development team in Malaysia earlier this year. We’re now in the process of upgrading all our sites with more tech elements that will result in a better reader experience. Can’t wait to roll out the features soon!

Okay seeya in 2024, bye!


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