About Bryan Choo

To communicate any message, you first need attention. But our noisy digital landscape is saturated with brand messages and consumed by savvy millennials who have become desensitised to advertising. Many brands struggle to get their content seen. We help our partners cut through the clutter through original branded content that reaches millions of Singaporeans, harnessing the virality of social media.

This includes tactical campaigns for brands, messages for government agencies, brand building and so on.

We specialise in creating sharable content through ideation across every major platform in Singapore – after spending many years failing and then figuring things out. We’ve since built a following of over 2,200,000 across our Website, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok and Instagram. Paid advertising disappears the moment the ad spend stops, and it is getting more expensive every day. On the contrary, great content lasts on the Internet forever, getting insane mileage and the highest ROIs.

We believe people don’t hate ads, they just hate bad ads.

My main focus is, a hyper-local lifestyle publication that reaches over half the Singapore population monthly. Our main audience is the 18-40 millennial demographic. Once you’re able to hold the attention of this generation, you’ll find engaging any segment easy. We have since opened offices in Bangkok and KL as well.

Our services include editorial, video production, photography, event activations, KOL engagements, social media page management and digital media consultation. Also, reach out to me if you’ll like me to be on your panel or hold workshops/talks for your company.

TheSmartLocal is an anomaly in the start-up scene as we completely bootstrapped our way to our current position. Most people are surprised when I tell them I spent $0 dollars growing our brand. They ask me what my secret sauce was. In this blog, I’ll share some of that sauce with you. When time permits!

Contact me at [email protected] for consultation, guest speaking invitations or advertising opportunities.

The below list is non-exhaustive and rarely updated.

Events I’ve spoken at


Preparing for a speech backstage haha

I still do such engagements and they usually come with interactive quizzes and FAQs like this workshop that was done in 2021 for a government agency. Drop me an email if you’ll like to have me.

TSL Entrepreneurial Interviews


Gaming Interviews

In my earlier life I was a competitive gamer and four-time national champion in the world’s most popular real-time strategy games. I flew across the globe representing Singapore in WCG, the ‘Olympics’ of gaming from the age of 16.

Also played Age of Empires 4 for about a month in 2021 and that was the most fun I had in years haha beating Hera, Grubby, Leeknock, Demuslim etc while they were streaming.