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My name is Bryan Choo and I am a growth hacker – which is a fancy way of saying I know how to engage Singaporeans through content. It also means I know how to get your brand the attention of Singaporeans, the same ones who tend to be more engrossed with their phones than the person they’re having dinner with.

I am annoyed by sites that sensationalise content to get traffic. “OMG. I’ll drink my urine if you disagree that this” is a headline that will give you a laugh, not long-term value or brand equity. Instead, we aim to create positive content that provides value to readers and brands. It was out of principal by first. TSL was founded in an era where sites like TheRealSingapore thrived. We wanted to use positive content to offset this online animosity, which was at an all-time high. It was only later that I realised brands liked this and that’s why they kept contacting us. Thank you karma!

Each month, more than 3 million Singaporeans consume content on the websites I’ve created. Some people think virality is an accident. I think it’s a science. Digital marketing is not just about optimising Facebook boosting parameters. That just sounds like a job robots will one day replace. It’s knowing you don’t have to. Any content that has to be boosted just to gain visibility is content done wrong.

In this blog, I’ll share the digital marketing insights I’ve learnt building websites over and over again. At first I failed a lot. Then I stopped failing so much. Then I figured things out and turned it into a formula that could be replicated. There’s certain knowledge you’ll only gain through creating sites first-hand yourself. That’s why it’s hard for agencies and ‘traditional marketers’ to grasp digital marketing, they’ve never done it themselves, or they may still be in the ‘fail’ phase trying to figure things out themselves.

TheSmartLocal was the second profitable business I started. We now have 5 different, profitable publishing business units. We are an anomaly in the start-up scene – we completely bootstrapped our way to our current position. Most people are surprised when I tell them I spent $0 dollars growing our brand. They ask me what my secret sauce was.

In this blog, I’ll share some of that sauce with you.

You can contact me at bryan.choo@thesmartlocal.com for consultation, public speaking requests or  advertising opportunities.

Events I’ve spoken at

TSL Entrepreneurial Interviews

Gaming Interviews

In my earlier life I was a competitive gamer and four time national champion in the world’s most popular real-time strategy games. I flew across the globe representing Singapore in WCG, the ‘Olympics’ of gaming from the age of 16.


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